When to use dedicated hosting instead of shared hosting

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Some factors in determining if your site would require dedicated hosting, or if it's fine hosted on a shared account.

Date : 2009-06-16
We were talking about what to look for in a good web hosting provider Next we'll discuss ,when you would need dedicated hosting over shared web hosting.

This depends a little on what your site offers. If you are serving static content without needing any kind of server modifications then you can probably host it on shared hosting with fairly high traffic, I still wouldn't push it much past 15k hits per day without looking into dedicated hosting though.

If, however, you have dynamic content you will probably need to think about dedicate hosting much sooner. When will depend a lot on what kind of server software you're using. PHP is a very light and fast technology that can run well with low hardware and resource requirements. .NET on the other hand requires more hardware and resources to run so you'll need a dedicated or semi dedicated server much sooner running .NET.

I would highly recommend using a site monitoring utility to keep an eye on your site. If it's having less uptime than your web hosting provider promises then there is a good likelihood that you need to find more powerful hosting. There are many site monitoring services out there, this is the one I use, they have a free account if you don't have one setup now this is a good way to get started.

Monitor your Web Site with SiteUptime

Monitoring your hosting is very important but just knowing that your site goes down from time to time isn't going to help you unless you know what to do about it.

It's also very important to not upgrade your hardware to make up for sloppy code. Just because a site is running slowly doesn't necessarily mean that they hosting is at fault. Many times it's because of poor programming. Before upgrading your site from shared web hosting to dedicated web hosting be sure to do load testing on each page and check all your server logs to see if you can find which page is causing the delay. If your traffic increased a little and your server immediately started delaying it is very likely that it's a programming issue, not a web hosting issue. The worst part about this is that the new hardware will probably fix your problem for a brief time but the problem will just come back the next time your traffic goes up a little.

Next we'll talk about how to set up ultra reliable web hosting regardless of how reliable your hosting company is.

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