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Use coding standards and patterns even when it's not required.

Date : 2006-06-14
It is important to use standards and patterns when coding as it makes your code easier to write, maintain, and debug.

Imagine if every time we spelled words we came up with a new way to do it. We could still sound out what most spelling variations were going for. We could probably get good enough at sounding things out that we could read fluently with this method but obviously we all benefit from a dictionary. Every time we use a word, we should spell and procounce it the same. It is the same with programming, think of yourself as writing a sentence. The exact structure of the sentence may be different, but the individuals words are all spelled the same every time.

There are many industry standards and patterns already established that you can research and incorporate into your coding library or dictionary. Even if there are not it is still a good idea to come up with the best possible method and then stick to it. Who knows maybe in 10 years your method will be the industry standard.

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