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Date : 2008-03-18
I was getting curious about Silverlight as version 2 beta came out so I downloaded the VS2008 demo and installed the Silverlight templates. While it is not a perfect technology by any means it is a lot of fun and has a great amount of potential. Below is a list of resources I've found to get any developer started working with Silverlight.

Dev Environment VS2008 90 day demo Silverlight downloads can all be found from here Expression Studio for help working with XAML files

Code Resources - Building Custom Controls
There hasn't been a lot available on this. I've found a few good sources of code but when I went back to find them was not able. Please let me know if you find some good coding resources. All the print books I found on the subject were horrible for various reasons. If we can't find anything solid on this maybe we'll have to make our own.

Controls - Nice set of Silverlight Controls


Silverlight 1.x seemed like you could do it all yourself. You didn't need Visual Studio for anything. With Silverlight 2beta, though, I can't find a way to develop Silverlight content without Visual Studio. If you see an IDE for Silverlight 2beta let me know, I would like to see that. The only method that I can see putting the control back in the text editors hands is that you can create Silverlight Elements programatically from Javascript. With this method you could build a basic page and then add and manage all of your elements from Javascript. Could be fun, but I don't see that being the most efficient use of the Silverlight technology.

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