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JpGraph is a OO Graph drawing library for PHP 4

Date : 2009-04-24
PHP Graphs and Charts
JpGraph version 1.27

JpGraph is a OO Graph drawing library for PHP 4.3.x and above based on the GD library. Highlighted features: Supports both text, linear and log scale for both X and Y-axis; Supports image maps; Supports anti-aliasing of lines; Background image; Supports color-gradient fill; Supports both, GIF, JPG and PNG formats; Supports two Y-axis; Supports spider plots, pie-charts (2D and 3D), lineplots, filled line plots, impuls plots, bar plots (both vertical and horizontal), error plots, field plots, box plots, candle charts,Polar plots and Gantt charts; Multiple plot types in one graph; Intelligent autoscaling; alpha-blending and clipping.
Platform: Win NT/XP, Unix, Mac
Price: Free for non-commercial use (QPL license)
Also a professional license available for those who want to use it in a commercial setting.

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