It is a common view that a worker is only as good as the tools they use. That concept holds true with developers. It should be important to all of us to use the best possible tools when accomplishing our tasks. Some developers pride themselves in using simple tools to develop applications, such as using notepad or similar editors to write code, while this might give a developer some kind of ego boost, it certainly isn't going to make them the most efficient programmer possible. Here we have a small collection of tools that have proven helpful to us. We hope they are helpful to you as well.
Convert CFM to ASP
A useful tool for converting the majority of CFM markup into ASP with VBScript   (0)
Great Code Editor
Everybody needs a great code editor. This editor has power to spare and a great interface.   (0)
Database Conversion Tool
Full database conversion software. Converts from many standard databases including MySQL, MsSQL, Access, Oracle, and others.   (0)
The last programmers editor you will ever need!   (0)
Recommended XML and XSL editor
Why the oXygen XML editor is one of the best xml editors on the market. How it meets my needs for XML editing, XSL debugging, and XPath testing   (0)
ISAPI Rewrite for IIS
Closest thing to Mod Rewrite for IIS servers   (0)
Pure ASP dynamic GIF coloring
Dynamically match a gif image to any color scheme by simply passing the foreground and background colors.   (0)
Email validation service
Quick, Complete, online email validation service.   (14)