Brief coding tips that can be applied to many programming languages and will help you be a better programmer. You can include these tips in your google page by clicking the [add to Google] button on the left just under the "Tips" link. This will feed a useful programming tip to your google page to help you improve your methods each time you visit google.
Be Case Sensitive
Even if the programming language you are using is not case sensitive still use correct case when referencing identifiers.   (1)
Comment your code
Make extensive comments in your code. Explain what your code is doing, even if it is obvious.   (0)
Use Coding Standards
Use coding standards and patterns even when it's not required.   (0)
Use a code library
Whether you purchase, borrow, or create from scratch, use a code library.   (0)
Be a minimalist
Don't use 10 steps when 9 will do. Don't select 10 fields when you only use 9.   (0)
Discuss programming techniques
Talk to other programmers, share ideas, share solutions.   (0)
Test your code
Setup as many tests as you can for your code. Run tests that are impossible because things will change and those impossible things will happen.   (0)
Use objects
Use object oriented programming techniques whenever possible.   (0)
Do your own error checking
Always check everything for errors and values outside of allowable range.   (0)
Upgrade your language
When a new version comes out, learn the differences and upgrade.   (0)
Create a development environment.
Web Developers: Do not test code on a production environment, use a Developement platform.   (0)
Do not compromise
Running out of time or resources in a development process is no excuse for writing bad code.   (0)
Indent your code
It doesn't matter so much which code indentation rules you use but use them faithfully.   (0)
Use a Naming Convention
Name your variables and other identifiers with something descriptive enough that you will not have to track down what it is for the next time you look at your code.   (0)
Use new Technology
Take advantage of new technology or you will go the way of the dinosaurs.   (0)
Avoid Short Cuts
Short cuts sometimes look like they save you time but when it comes time to change that code it's the shortcuts that take the most time to fix.   (0)
Write code that you can trust
It will save time when it comes to debugging. Your attitude should be, the problem must be someplace else because I wrote perfect code.   (0)
Read Everything
No matter how sure you are of your knowledge you can always learn more.   (0)
Use descriptive variable and type names
Use descriptive names for everything you name. There is a lot more involved in naming variables than picking a letter.   (0)