Directory of Downloadable Scripts to incorporate into your site.
POST Affiliate
Free affiliate system in PHP   (0)
Geographic Distance and Azimuth Calculator
This PHP class can be used to calculate the distance between two points of latitude and longitude. There is also a C++ version linked to from the page if you need it.   (0)
CRE Loaded download of OSCommerce
The delvelopers of the loaded snapshot continue to deliver   (0)
CSV Importer
While updating record takes up your time doing each data entry, why not try this alternative way for you to import all the new records from Microsoft Excel CSV file? The CSV Data Tool automatically handles all the necessary CSV file upload, extract   (0)
PHP Application Framework
Sourdough is a comprehensive web application framework for PHP5   (0)
PHP Reusable Web Framework
PHP Reusable Web Framework (rwfPHP) is a set of Object Oriented classes that allow development of Object Oriented Event driven web applications   (0)
JpGraph is a OO Graph drawing library for PHP 4   (0)
Get Kykachat group chat script
Kykachat is a web based group chat which is an excellent tool for team collaboration, real-time image and file sharing with multiple rooms to separate different discussions   (0)
PHP Source Code Utility
Highlight PHP syntax and optionally add line numbers to PHP source code or files, with several output options   (1)
Remove Stop Words Function
This simple php script is a function that takes a list of stop words (commnly occuring words that are of no use to a search engine) and strips them out of a variable term   (0)
Duck Practice Testing System
Duck is a practice-testing system that ameliorates some of the most evil aspects of using quizzing software   (0)
PHP RobotVisit
Are you getting listed on search engines? Do you want to know when your pages are getting indexed? Do you want to know what search engines are visiting and when? Receive instant notification by email when a search engine spider has visited your   (0)
Crafty Syntax Live Help (CSLH)
A multi-user, multi-operator, multi-department live Help support chat system that allows the operators of the websites to monitor their visitors as they are browsing the site and proactively open a chat session with the visitor   (0)
Online Support Center
Have you always wanted to run support your users system on your site? Has the only think holding you back been the ability to program? Look no further! Onixsoft now offers the best online support center program (OSC) for sale at a reasonable price   (0)
Site Master is web based and platform independent file manager, which provides visual control over directories and files on your web host using just a web browser via intuitive and user friendly interface   (0)
Adventia Chat Server
Adventia Chat Server is an ASP chat that allows you to easily add HTML-only chat rooms to your site, transforming your web site or intranet into a dynamic and successful online community comprised of customers, users, suppliers or employees   (0)
Database administration
This is a simple, and generic ASP code written in JScript for allowing you to administrate any tables in your database   (0)
Stealth Form Reader
This program illustrates how to actually read and process fields of information from a form (including proper number to number conversion) on a webpage WITHOUT the need of having to actually use the traditional submit button.   (1)
Background Image Generator
With this tool you can modify a set of parameters and plot mathematical images, which can be stored as screen dumps and used as background pictures   (0)
Display Browser Information
This obtains and displays user's information such as Browser Name, Browser Version, Browser Plugins, Operational System, IP Address, Date, Timezone, Current Location, Location referred from, Last Modified, and Screen Size   (0)
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