No matter which development language you are using you will need to use Javascript. Here you will find some of the practices and methods that you should use when dealing with javascript as part of your dynamic web applications. Javascript can be particularly difficult because of the browser differences but by sticking to best coding practices and patterns you can beat these problems and leverage the client side of your application to be as powerful as the server side.
Javascript HTML editor
Javascript HTML editor with a preview pane   (1)
Javascript Read and Write Multiple values in a Cookie
Best method of reading and writing mutliple values to a cookie with Javascript.   (0)
Break your innerHTML addiction
Many of us have been using the crutch of innerHTML to accomplish some great tasks with javascript. Now see how to do the same things correctly. Check out our full listing of innerHtml replacement functions.   (6)
innerHtml to DOM javascript Continued
Continued article from "Break Your InnerHtml Addiction", more functions to replace innerHml with javascript DOM methods   (0)