Some feel that PHP has a bad reputation being a cheaper or even free alternative to the main stream but really it is as powerful if not more so than many other languages out there. It was in use before classic ASP and has done much to mold the course of programming best practices. Of course, the real power of PHP will only be seen if you use good coding methods and develop a "best practices" attitude toward your programming. Do not settle for something that works when there is another method that is faster, lighter, more manageable, or more elegant. If we constantly strive for the best possible code then we will all benefit. For a list of PHP Best Practices and Industry standard coding methods read the "PHP Industry Standards" article. Below are listed articles discussing various best programming practices for PHP programmers.
PHP function with variable arguments
Best Practice for passing a variable list of arguments to a function for processing.   (0)
PHP File Uploading Best Practice
Novice level help for uploading files to a remote system utilizing best methods of PHP.   (0)
Search Engine Creation 101
A basic PHP search engine.   (3)
Random Images
A fast method for displaying random images from a directory   (0)
PHP Create Strong Random Passwords
PHP function to create a strong random password for applying to new user accounts or for resetting password. Allows for applying a mask for password rules.   (0)
PHP convert HTML to Text
PHP convert HTML to Text for searching keywords on a page, indexing, or downloading as plain text.   (0)
PHP multiple values in one Form Variable
PHP has some differences in the way it handles multiple form entries.   (1)
Recovering MySQL Table Data with PHP
How to do a mass update of particular columns in a MySQL table using PHP   (0)
Spreadsheet-Like HTML Table View
How to make your data look like a spreadsheet in a web browser   (0)
PHP Industry Standards
List of PHP best coding practices that can help make your code look more professional and meet established coding standards   (0)
PHP on IIS compared to PHP on Apache
Comparing PHP on WIMP and LAMP platforms. Focusing on details that would be helpful to a PHP developer who works with both platforms.   (0)