There are issues we deal with as programmers that are outside of the scope of our language and code. How we handle these issues is often just as important as how we craft our code. We endevour to share our experience in these matters in order to save you some time and difficulty.
Managing IT
How can information technologies best be managed to optimize the quality of the workforce?   (0)
Is PHP too easy?
PHP seems to be the language of choice for begining programmers, does it suffer because of this?   (0)
WYSIWYG, is that really what you get?
Most programmers and even many designers are not using WYSIWYG editors. If you still are then you need to read this article.   (0)
XSLT for HTML templating engine
Easy description of how and why to use XSLT as your template engine.   (0)
.NET developers make more money
Who would have guessed? Using the newest Microsoft development platform pays developers the highest salary.   (1)
Google Gadgets Simplified
Example of a fairly simple google gadget serving dynamic content. Example code in PHP but the concepts will work for any language.   (0)
Silverlight development resources
Directory of resources to help developers get started using Silverlight technology on websites.   (0)
Bridging the gap between web developer and entrepreneur
Discussion of developers potential as business people   (2)
Does your Coffee affect your Programming choices
Discussion of correlation between Programming choices and Coffee Choices   (0)
How to write sexy code
How to write sexy code, like a rockstar would   (0)
Game Design Software
Scripting Engine for Design and Development of Professional Quality Games   (0)
Content is King
How and where to find content to fill out a website. This data is key to getting and keeping traffic and users.   (1)
Getting over 20k hits per day
Technical considerations for handling more than average traffic. Focusing on two methods for limiting hits to the database.   (0)
Facebook Timeline and covers