Many of the best practices and coding patterns that we use apply to any programming language that you could be using. These best practices and patterns are collected here and discussed in a general way while at the same time being specific enough that you should feel comfortable applying these methods into your own habits.
Best Coding Practices - Don't just do it... do it right!
Find and discuss the best coding practices for all your coding projects   (0)
Naming Conventions
Best practices for naming identifiers in your code.   (0)
Source Code Formatting
Discussion of the best practices for formatting your source code.   (0)
Polling the server Client Side
Interacting with the server via Javascript. I put this under Concepts because it is something that you can use from any language.   (0)
Object Oriented Concepts: Part 1
Part one of a series of articles detailing the finer points of OO Programming.   (1)
Object Oriented Concepts: Part 2
Part 2 in the OO series. Messages.   (0)
Object Oriented Concepts: Part 3
Classes and how they fit in with Objects   (0)
Fibonacci and Golden Ratio in Web Design
Using Fibonacci and Golden Ratio principles to help design web pages   (1)
Great Software Concept Development
We have all had a great idea at some time, how can we harness that power to work for us?   (0)
Leverage Dnyamic Content with Templates
Discussion of the best methods for serving dynamic content using templates.   (0)
Extreme Programming
Extreme Programming Explained   (0)
What to look for in good web hosting
What to look for to determine if a web hosting provider is worth using. This series also describes how to setup ultra reliable web hosting without breaking the bank on dedicated hosting.   (0)
When to use dedicated hosting instead of shared hosting
Some factors in determining if your site would require dedicated hosting, or if it's fine hosted on a shared account.   (0)
How to set up ultra reliable web hosting
A method for setting up ultra reliable web hosting to keep your site up 100% of the time and how to do it for less than most dedicated hosting accounts.   (0)