CFM may not seems as popular today as it has been in the past but it is still one of the fastest languages for development. When time is critical a project can be completed using CFM faster than anything else. Because CFM is so quick to develop much of the code we see written in CFM is not well thought out. By taking the time to develop solid standards compliant code following industry coding standards and patterns you will be able to develop not only quickly but also powerfully with Coldfusion.
CFM Dynamic Select
How to create a dynamic select drop down box that populates another select box   (0)
ColdFusion - Sometimes the Pros are the Cons
With Coldfusion some of it's best features are also it's biggest problems.   (0)
CFM Coding Standards
Coding Standards are extremely important in all our projects, To help, I've gathered a concise list of Coldfusion coding standards to keep developers effective and productive.   (0)