The worst thing that can happen to a developer is for them to become archaic. We know that this industry we're in is constantly moving and we need to keep up. That means a lot of reading. Many of us keep up with online articles and news which is great but nothing beats the thoroughness of a real book. Below you will find some of the best programming "self-help" books in the industry. Reading a book per month will keep you up to date and relevant in the programming and development industry. By Reviewing these books for you we hope to save you time in being able to pick the best book for your particular need. In each review we will try to determine who this book would be best for from beginners through advanced programmers and even into management positions as sometimes we find ourselves as developers and project managers. Hopefully our descriptions help you in making your own decision about which books to read. If you would like a particular book reviewed please feel free to post a message in the forum under Book Reviews and we'll get to it as soon as possible.
Code Craft the practice of writing excellent code
Review of the book: "Code Craft - The Practice Of Writing Excellent Code" by Pete Goodliffe.   (0)
Extreme Programming Installed
Review of The book "Extreme Programming Installed" by Ron Jeffries is a complete resource for developers and project managers to get more work out of your development process.   (0)
The Productive Programmer Review
Review of the book "The Productive Programmer" by Neil Ford. It focuses on things that all programmers can do to improve their productivity   (0)
Programming Languages - An Active Learning Approach
In depth explanation of 2 different programming paradigms that you probably haven't thought of and how and when to apply them.   (0)
Beautiful Code Leading programmers explain how they think
Great programmers teach how they go about solving problems. More than just a description of great code; this book teaches you how to develop beautiful code yourself.   (0)