ASP is a powerful tool for creating dynamic database driven web sites and applications. When used correctly ASP can be used to develop anything from quick web applications with light database interaction to enterprise level web 2.0 enabled applications taking advantage of the newest cutting edge technology. Much of the effectiveness of your application will depend on the basics of your code. Here you will find discussions and examples of good coding methods and practices that will make you a better programmer and make your applications run as robustly and quickly as possible. Over time thousands of programmers have solved the same problems over and over. We hope to share enough of this time gained knowledge to save you the time and effort required to develop these patterns yourself. Instead you should be able to start out using these patterns to catapult your programming level years ahead of your current learning curve. Because ASP is a mature language best practices for asp programming have been around for many years and are very well accepted. That being said most programmers can recognize code from a certain decade. The programming patterns and practices evolve over time and can be as easily recognized as the green tint in a 70s movie. This requires us to stay current with what is accepted best programming practices as those can change over time based on different criteria, such as the standard screen size of internet users, the average bandwidth, and the hardware and software running a site. All of this requires our constant attention so that we can stay relevant in our programming.
Extended ASP Date Formatting
Format date in ASP with standard date template   (1)
ASP CDO Send Email Through External Server
Use ASP and CDO to send email through an external email server with authentication.   (0)
ASP Month Number from Month Name
ASP comes with a function to turn a number into a month name but what if you have the month name and want the number? Here's how.   (0)
ASP String Padding functions
ASP left us in the lurch with string padding. These functions will left pad or right pad a string value to a given length.   (1)
ASP Clipping long text and adding elippses
Clip long text to the closest word break to the length desired   (0)
ASP get External Page Content
Load external content through MSXML object   (0)
Outputing Ordinal Numbers in ASP
Converting regular numbers to Ordinal numbers, as in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on.   (2)
ASP Clean User Input
Simple method for sanitizing user input through web forms.   (2)
ASP Form Data Server Side Validation
Use one function to validate multiple form input data types   (1)
ASP Post data to URL
ASP function to post form data to a URL and return the content.   (0)
ASP URL Rewriting like MOD_Rewrite
Unix has Mod_Rewrite but IIS has nothing comparable. Here's how to accomplish complex URL rewrites with IIS   (2)
ASP numeric functions and how to use them
Unraveling the confusion between cInt, cSng, cDbl, cCur, Int, Fix, Round. What results to expect from each of these functions.   (0)
ASP - Force file download
Cause the browser to download a file rather than opening it.   (3)
Improved Ordinal Numbers
The following code is an improvement on the original function written by Travis Hawkins and handles numbers above 100 better   (2)