Is PHP too easy?

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PHP seems to be the language of choice for begining programmers, does it suffer because of this?

Date : 2006-04-05
PHP is the programming language choice of many new programmers for obvious reasons. PHP is free, easy to learn, open source, and powerful.

With all of these beginning programmers using PHP the language has changed a bit to accommodate them. For instance the way a global variable is referenced from a function so the programmer will not forget that it is a global variable. Things like these can make more advanced programmers feel like they are being coddled and make PHP seem like a tutorial programming language, like Basic (back a few years).

On the other hand PHP is finally coming in to it's own with version 5. Some of the notable upgrades include exception handling with try/catch.

Advanced OOP with construct and deconstruct and greatly improved parameter passing with standard "By Reference" instead of "By Value" parameter passing as in earlier versions.

With all of these improvements PHP stands up against ASP, and ASP.NET as the best Web Development platform.

Being free doesn't hurt any either.

Another thing that makes PHP an easy language to learn is the support that is available. Imagine a free program having good support. You can go to and see this support for yourself. The site has an amazing wealth of information about each function and language construct along with extended comments from the huge and surprisingly helpful community of PHP developers.

There are still a lot of cheap hosting companies out there that only run PHP4.x but if you are starting to learn PHP, or if you really want to see the power it has make sure you use PHP5. It may be a little harder to find a hosting company, but it will be worth it.

Even though PHP is a fairly simple language to learn and use it also has the power to backup being a world class preprocessor. So, PHP is an easy language but for all the best reasons.

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