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We have all had a great idea at some time, how can we harness that power to work for us?

Date : 2006-05-25
We have all had them, flashes of brilliance that blind us for a moment. An idea so perfect that we have to take a moment to marvel in it's greatness. If only we could harness these ideas and produce them whenever we need them. Unfortunetely it seems like this kind of idea comes around less often than we would prefer.

There are some things we can do to increase their frequency. For instance, when it comes to the software development process I have found that the best, most successful ideas come from filling a need. You spend a whole afternoon tearing up google,, and yahoo looking for a product that you know someone must have created by now only to find that there is no such thing. The bad idea is to walk away dejected and find a different way of accomplishing your task. The good, dare I say great, idea is to determine there and then to create the product yourself.

The other, often overlooked, source of great ideas is in your customer's support questions. You spend months trying to decide what features to add to your product. Questions reel around in your mind: What will people use?, what do they need? The answers are right in front of your face if you would take the time to read through your customers support questions, and requests you would find all the features you could ever want to add. You can even watch them develop a whole new product by the questions they ask and the features they request.

Both of these points show how important it is to stay in touch with your customers during and after the software development process. We have the scientific method for software developement, but lets not forget that our software needs to save someone's day before it can be considered a great idea.

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