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Date : 2009-06-01

Garage Games is publishing the hands down best Game Design Software I've ever seen. They have different packages to meet your specific game development needs. The Scripting Engine is very similar to C source code so it's not difficult for most programmers to pick up and run with. The tutorials will have you building fun, playable games in no time. They even sell graphics packages for those who are not adept at creating their own graphics.

There are many playable demos and a huge community of developers that will help you get started. They are really pushing their 3D model right now, but if all you need is a 2D game engine they have one that you can get started for only $100.

While the 3D model is a bit more to get started with it is definitely worth it if you want to create professional quality, engaging 3D games.

I'm not usually a fan of software that writes software as that is inherently problematic, but I tried a few of the tutorials with the demo package (2D only) and they worked very well. I also tested some of the games that were written with the TGE and they were all very good quality games.

If the game you're building has specific requirements you can still crack open the code and make changes to the core code so you're not stuck with the prebuilt package.

This is definitely a jewel to game designers. If you're ever going to try your hand at game design this is definitely the software to have. Take a look at the demo and you'll be hooked.

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