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Review of The book "Extreme Programming Installed" by Ron Jeffries is a complete resource for developers and project managers to get more work out of your development process.

Date : 2009-04-20

The book Extreme Programming Installed (XP Series) by Ron Jeffries is just under 300 pages of programming project management gold. I've always preferred Extreme Programming techniques anyway, but the thorough description and explanation of Extreme Programming tactics will help even an experienced project manager / developer to get more done quicker.

The topics covered carry you from the concepts of Extreme Programming through the development process, testing, and on to release. There is also a lot of help in estimating projects and how to learn from your mistakes and successes.

I would recommend this book for mid-level to experienced developers who are taking on their own projects. Many of the methods described would be very helpful to new programmers as well, giving them an overview of the whole process from the beginning.

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