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Discussion of correlation between Programming choices and Coffee Choices

Date : 2009-04-06
I really should do some more research on this before making sweeping generalizations but I have to get this off my chest. I think I've found a correlation between the kind of programmer you are and the kind of coffee you prefer. I know it sounds pretty far out there but bear with me for a few minutes.

I was talking to a friend who has always been ... against "the man". A little "counter culture" if you know what I mean. I'm sure he wore black trench coats in the 80's. Now, where do you think he gets his coffee? You probably guessed it, local shop with plenty of atmosphere, wouldn't be caught dead in a Starbucks®. Ok, so what do you think his preferred programming language is? Of course, PHP. I think he actually knows what the GNU license is.

I, on the other hand, am a die hard Starbucks® (not sure if I actually need those little ® thingies, but I really like them) drinker and I am more mainstream in my programming choices. I prefer I'm not saying I wont use PHP, I think it has it's place and there are plenty of times when .NET is just too heavy for a project and I'll recommend PHP for it. But I definitely lean towards C# every chance I get.

Tell me if I'm crazy but do people make programming choices because of political / social preferences? I guess if they didn't those Linux penguins wouldn't be so cute. I think I might be a little more pragmatic than that. I don't think my choice of coffee or programming language should be based on my view of what I think the world should be like. I pick the coffee that tastes best to me, and I pick the programming language that will do the best job for the project.

However, by doing what seems to come naturally to me I do tend to fall within the bounds of my theory.

Talk to me people, do you think you fit the profile? Do more mainstream programmers prefer more mainstream coffee or have I started with too small of a dataset? I'm opening up the commenting for now so you don't have to sign up to comment, I'll lock it back down when I start getting porn posts.

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