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Running out of time or resources in a development process is no excuse for writing bad code.

Date : 2006-06-17
As developers we all recognize that at the end of the day we need to have a happy client.

If there is no time or resources available to write good code, then features are going to have to be cut.

You cannot finish a project in a hurry, cut corners, skip testing and expect to have a happy customer.

Usually what happens in these cases is that clients ask for more features or extend existing features and expect to get the project for the same cost and in the same time. You can't blame them for trying but everyone will be much happier when the process is completed if you stand your ground and explain that for the current bid you cannot add features without adding time and cost to the project.

Remember, 10 features that work perfectly is 100% better than 12 features that constantly break.

If, for some reason, you end up with an overloaded project where you cannot get all of the agreed upon features done in the required time this is no excuse for writing bad code to get finished sooner. Write good code, test it thoroughly, if it's late appologize and explain that cutting corners at this point will only cause problems later and that if the client expects you to stand behind your code, or do any kind of maintenance then the code is going to have to be written correctly the first time.

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