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Date : 2006-06-14
It doesn't matter if you agree with the "Open Source" concept or not let other programmers see your code. Nothing but good will come from programmers getting together to resolve an issue or develop a solution. The more code you see from other people the better programmer you become. The more times your code is critiqued by other programmers the better you will become. Even if it is some snotty kid straight out of college that wants to tell you what he thinks of your code, listen to him, you will learn. You don't have to agree with everything anyone says and you won't necessarily change your code, but listening to others opinions will help you broaden the scope of your logic.

Maybe the recommendations you get are not right for this project for a reason that is not readily apparent to the person. It is possible that your next project will need exactly what they recommended.

For this reason it is a great idea to join an online community to discuss programming and help others work through their problems. By solving a wide range of problems in this manner you will accelerate your learning process and become a more experienced developer sooner.

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