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Full database conversion software. Converts from many standard databases including MySQL, MsSQL, Access, Oracle, and others.

Date : 2006-04-12
If you have ever needed a fast way to convert or migrate your data from an old database to something new and shiny look no further than Full Convert.

In my time as a software developer I have been approached on more than one occasion to aid in migrating data from old systems such as Paradox to enterprise level environments like SQL. Much of the task usually involved a great deal of time tracking down idiosyncracies in the schemas and then figuring out how to do the conversion while still holding on to the original functionality. If I had had Full Convert I can honestly say I would have been a much happier camper!

Full Convert is made for professionals who need reliable, quick and thorough database conversion. It is the only tool providing conversion of many input formats to several target database formats. Additionaly, recordable actions you make in an intuitive and powerful environment can be instantly reused later. Coupled with command-line scripting and encrypted session files, you can schedule your conversion to your liking.

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