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A useful tool for converting the majority of CFM markup into ASP with VBScript

Date : 2006-03-04
This tool was born out of necessity back in 2001. We had just finished a great application in CFM when the client came to us and said they wanted the whole thing rewritten in ASP and they needed it done next month. It had taken us 6 months to build it and now they wanted it rebuilt in 1 month. I sat down and wrote a conversion engine that could handle CFM input and started converting code in it. By the time this conversion process was done the program was a well tuned machine. On the last day I ran the whole site through CFM2ASP, ran through and did some tweaks and adjustments and delivered the product.

Since then it's gone through some refining processes and new versions of CFM tags have been added but it's the same basic engine that got us through that rewrite.

If you ever find yourself needing to convert from CFM to ASP download the demo and check it out:

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