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How and where to find content to fill out a website. This data is key to getting and keeping traffic and users.

Date : 2009-06-02
Many modern sites use dynamic data as a core component to their content. This data can be costly and / or time consuming to obtain. Some sites have developed this data over a long period of time and there is no replacing many years of gathered data including forum posts and comments. There are, however, a few places where you can find data to get you started.

Fleshing out a site with some solid content and then displaying it in such a way that it seems at least mostly unique can have a huge affect on the traffic and stickiness of a website.

The hardest part is often finding the dynamic website content needed to use.

I've gathered a few free and low cost sources of data that can be very effective for use on a dynamic website. - world map coordinate data, not high resolution, but useful. (this link is unpredictable, sometimes it works, sometimes no) These guys have many categories of useful website content for a small fee. - You can purchase articles to use as website content filler from this site. - this site is a little more expensive, but has top quality content.

There are many other sources of quality content online, please feel free to submit links to any that you know about. I've also had success doing searches on Google for this data. It can take a while to track down content that you can download or purchase rather than just information about content, but it can be found.

Most of the time when you get this data it is in CSV format which makes it pretty easy to import your content into your existing database. Some of the website content that I have purchased has been in the form of SQL scripts that will import that data for you. These scripts are pretty hard to adjust manually. It's usually easier to just allow it to import the data where it wants to and then change field names and table names and run filters and such to get the data in the best format for your website.

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BeachBum 2009-06-02 #419

found another already... the URL threw me, somebody must have just recycled an old domain name:

They have an, odd, selection of databases, but something might just fit your needs.

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