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Review of the book: "Code Craft - The Practice Of Writing Excellent Code" by Pete Goodliffe.

Date : 2009-04-20
I found the computer programmers guide book "Code Craft: The Practice of Writing Excellent Code" by Pete Goodliffe to be a great book. Pete Goodliffe is obviously an experienced programmer who has spent time teaching other programmers. The ability to teach is clearly seen in the pages of best practices and coding standards that are expounded in this book.

This book is setup as a study guide for programmers. It includes review questions and extended discussions that will help you to not only learn the points being described but be able to incorporate these practices into your everyday coding quickly.

"Code Craft" will definitely fill in the gaps that may have been overlooked in your understanding of the reasons behind many normal practices, such as code formatting, and coding standards.

I would rate this book as a definite "Must Read" for any self-taught programmers and a highly recommended read for anyone who has a degree.

Some of the important topics covered include:

    1 Defensive Programming
    2 Code Documenting
    3 Commenting
    4 Error Handling
    5 Testing Code
    6 Writing Efficient Code
    7 Software Architecture and Design
    8 Correct Attitude of Programmers
    9 Source Control
    10 Software Specifications
    11 Development Methodologies and Processes

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