Beautiful Code Leading programmers explain how they think

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Great programmers teach how they go about solving problems. More than just a description of great code; this book teaches you how to develop beautiful code yourself.

Date : 2010-05-04
I haven't finished this book yet but had to stop and tell everyone how much I love it. I always appreciate good code samples and this book has plenty. I appreciate being able to see code patterns in different languages as it builds a programmers vocabulary and code reading comprehension. Although I don't program in some of the languages that code samples are in they were all very readable and understandable.

I also liked that there were varying degrees of difficulty within the subjects. Some of the code they were describing was beautiful because of it's simplicity while other examples were beautiful in their complexity. Learning when to use which one is an art in itself. There was even a code sample that was beautiful for breaking all the rules. Definitely not a reference work, this book is meant to be savored. Read an example and then meditate on it for a week. You'll be a better programmer for having done so.

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